Our Market

Tamak is currently exporting to:

Europe, namely France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa and the islands of the indian Ocean.

Most of our regular customers are family owned business ordering customized knitted garments for a total annual value of 3000 USD to 300,000 USD.

Client Testimonials

"I used to buy from Egypt, but ever since I switched over to TAMAK, I am now selling 50% more t-shirts" 
Soren L. of Denmark

"TAMAK textile products is the 'DELL' of t-shirts. All my orders are customized to the needs of my market. What a pleasure to receive directly the TAMAK finished products directly to my individual shops."
Frank M. of France

"Your commitment and efficiency as well as the talent you showed in recreating the t-shirts is very much appreciated"
Linda S. of South Africa

"TAMAK offers the quality and variety we need"
Michella D. of England

"Your company is very impressive"
Udo M. of Germany

"Very professional, pleasant and goes the extra mile"
Graeme M. of South Africa

"It's a Boutik Factory"
Mark B. of South Africa

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