The printing department had acquired in 2013 

  • T-Seps 3.0 and the Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC, to do the colour separation for screen-print high-end photorealistic images.
  • The CST inkjet for direct to screen engraving from digital files.
  • M&R metal halide UV exposure unit to make the best screens possible.
  • M&R’s Sprint gas screen printing conveyor dryer for perfect curing and colour fastness of water based inks.
  • An Aspe Rapid Tag 2  colour label printer to print and cure tagless T-shirts , which indirectly contributes to increase production by freeing our 3 large screen printing presses.

The printing section is equipped with 3 automatic  printing presses of 10,12 and 14  stations with the right number of flash-cure units all from M&R of USA. 

The curing is done with 2 gas fired and electronically controlled Adelco and M&R sprint driers. 

To resolve all printing issues we request help from SGIA based in USA.

Thanks to the regular in house training our experienced team of printers has now a good mastery of discharged printing,  for both water based ink and plastisol. Puff, high density,shimmer, gloss, sparkle and glitter can be added for special effects.

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