1- Our printing team has the proficiency and experience to print with either water based inks or plastisol inks.
Water based ink is becoming more popular in Europe for its  Eco friendliness.
The printing of pastel colors directly on dark color fabrics can be achieved by using "discharged printing". The resulting print has a softer and brighter finish.

2- Special inks will be used nickel free inks Special effects can be obtained using the pastisol ink with the addition of some adjuvants, for example :

  • High-Density  
  • Caviar Beads
  • Suede Finish 
  • Puff Ink
  • Sugar Glitter
  • Sparkle
  • Gloss
  • Satin.

Foil and flock can be affixed with the transfer press after the printing the right glue.
The initial printing costs are relatively high, the first few prints are relatively very expensive which falls substantially with the growing numbers.

4- Allover prints are outsourced to a long term partner who has proved to be dependable both in terms of quality and delivery dates.

5-What type of embroidery do we do?
We can of course do the the usual types of embroidery since we have a full time embroidery digitizer using the Tajima DGML software by Pulse V14 Maestro software. 

We are particularly good in the combination of embroidery with prints with an impressive precision sine we use laser lights for positionings. 

  • Applique
  • Sequin
  • Patches
  • Boring.
6. Do we do any quality control?
Yes we do a 109% quality control through out the whole process of production and an individual quality control prior to packing and shipping. Of course you are welcome to appoint an independent quality controller, e.g. SGS- Societe Generale de Surveillance.

7. Can we prepare the goods ready for sale in the retail shop?
Yes. We can affix the barcodes with the retail prices on the hangtags attached to the garment, if required. The same t-shirts can be supplied with special color-coded hangers for different sizes in plastic bags packed in color coded straps around the carton boxes for easy identification ready to be delivered directly to individual stores.


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