TAMAK-Will always honor your trust.

 In 1983,TAMAK started as a screen printing company for the printing of souvenir t-shirts, under the brand Citadel, for the visiting tourists in Mauritius . From the very beginning TAMAK decided that the company will produce only quality t- shirts.

 In 1993 tamak was rewarded with the 1st prize of malcolm berveridge quality award certificate. This leadership position gave  TAMAK access to the European and south African market, which was greatly facilitated by the fact that Mauritian garments do not attract  any  custom duty with the EUR1 and the SADC certificate respectively.

The fact that tamak offers the option of creating designs for its clients has attracted a group of customers in the souvenir market namely in UK (London, ) Switzerland ( Zermatt ) Denmark ( Copenhagen)  France (Paris Brittany and Corsica ), Denmark (Copenhagen) and South Africa (Cape Town and Durban.)  we are also present in the islands of the Indian Ocean, more particularly, Reunion , Mayotte and Seychelles.

 To day TAMAK is a fully integrated garment factory making quality t- shirts and other casual garments for men, ladies, teenagers, children and babies.TAMAK is operating   in the  eco-friendly building of 4000m2 on a 14,000 m2 of land. Citadel Campus is ideally situated at 2, royal  road, Port Louis and  Beau Bassin, with  only a few kilometers from the motorway linking port louis  (harbour) and south (SSR airport)

TAMAK has 150 dedicated employees, and its  key personnel using our custom-made software coordinates the following facilities:
Total control over production chain, to guarantee both delivery dates and quality.

1.0 million printed and/or  embroidered garments annually.
MOQ  300 units per model for trial order, instead of the average 600 pieces.
Delivery 4 to 10 weeks from approval of salesman samples.
Gold Exporters Award 2014 by Enterprise Mauritius, National Quality Award of 1995 and  Blue Carbon Mexa Award 2010.

Experience in retail trade as owner of and franchiser citadel brand and franchisee of Bata, Funky Fish and Reserve Naturelle.

Why Mauritius for your apparel needs?

Because Mauritius, with its high educated population, is politically and socially stable with no disruption in our supply chain. With the different trade agreements with USA, Europe and Africa, apparels made in Mauritius, enjoy quota free and duty free access to all these countries.

1-Thanks to the creation of Export Processing Zone, Mauritius has now a long garment  history which had contributed substantially towards employment creation and poverty reduction. Today, Mauritius is fully integrated into the global supply chain, attracting export-oriented investments, and achieving the economic objectives of job creation.

2-The massive recent investments in the public infrastructure, namely a modern airport with interconnecting motorways across the island, has made communications easier. The geographical location in the Indian Ocean gives Mauritius the advantage of importing raw materials directly from the Far East and Indian subcontinent. Direct vessel availability from these destinations also allows for shorter lead times. Direct daily flights to  main cities  of our European clients, have further developed trade and tourism.

3 - AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) provides duty-free and quota-free treatment for apparel articles and other commodities exported  to the USA. Mauritius enjoys a duty-free agreement with Europe.

4-Mauritius has been ranked first for " Ease of Doing Business" among the African economies and 17th out of 183 nations by the World Bank. Mauritius is a member of the COMESA, the  SADC, the Indian Ocean Rim Association, ( IOR-ARC) and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC),

5- Mauritius is well-known for its political stability with a parliamentary democracy modelled on the British system.  Mauritius is one of the longest continuous democracies, along with India, America, Canada, US, France, and Great Britain.

6- Mauritius provides free education <http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_education>  to its citizens from pre-primary to tertiary levels and free transport for all students.  Mauritius has 2 official languages namely English and French, which are taught as from primary schools.

Mauritius has a literacy rate 88.8%.  Schooling is compulsory up to the age of 16, therefore practically impossible to have child labour exploitation. Thanks to such level of literacy and numeracy, we have an educated reliable workforce, who are efficient, skilled and quality conscious.

7- Mauritius has the sixth-highest GDP per capita in Africa. The per capita income has increased from $400 in 1968, the time of independence, to USD 18,600 in 2014 which is an average of 4% for the past 50 years.

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